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Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications
4,8 (45 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-0674-3
1 edition
Pages : 305
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  • Price: 129,00 kr

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About the book

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Tita ★★★★★

4.97 stars Just a right choice for you who wants to learn about communication for marketing. This book discusses all about communication from what communication is, how it is connected with marketing, how important it is, what are the fundamental points of marketing communication (such as consumer behavior, advertising, promotion, and public relations).

Cedric Mampuru ★★★★★

A concise tool that describes what marketing communication involves.

Stephen Destiny ★★★★★

This book is very informative and elaborate.


Marketing Communications is a basic textbook from which the reader could learn the fundamentals of communication as it is applied to marketing. Throughout the textbook, the most important concepts and principles that underpin the strategy of effective marketing communications are identified and explained as succinctly as possible. There are eleven chapters which in all offer an integrated treatment of the major components of marketing communication. These encompass conceptualization of marketing communications, consumer behavior, promotion planning and techniques, advertising principles and strategies, advertising media, advertising research, outdoor and corporate advertising, sales promotion, merchandising, personified or personal selling, publicity and public relations as well as direct marketing techniques. The first chapter deals with the definition and scope of marketing communications using the basic model of communication process as a framework. The second chapter explains consumer-driven communication strategy within the ambit of consumer behavior concepts, processes and principles. Chapter three treats promotional planning with emphasis on strategic approach to promotion as well as giving guidelines for organizing effective promotion planning. From chapters four to seven of the textbook the various dimensions of advertising principles and practice are discussed. In chapter eight the book deals with merchandising, sales promotion and publicity strategies and tactics. Personal selling, the sales process and sales management are discussed in chapter nine. Chapter ten discusses the direct marketing process including telemarketing and online direct marketing. Chapter eleven, the last chapter, focuses on public relations discussing its history, strategies and techniques. Inside this book the reader would find:

  1. Clear definitions of concepts and lucid explanations of principles
  2. Concise discussions of techniques and strategies of marketing communications
  3. Comprehensive treatment of promotional strategy, consumer behavior, advertising and public relations
  4. Practical guidelines in merchandising, sales promotion, outdoor and transit advertising, selling and sales management and direct marketing
  5. A concise but comprehensive and detailed examination of marketing communications.


  1. Fundamentals Of Communication In Marketing
  2. Consumer Behaviour And Marketing Communication
  3. Promotion Planning And Techniques
  4. Advertising Techniques
  5. Organizination And Management Of Advertising Agencies And Advertising Departments
  6. Advertising Media
  7. Advertising Research
  8. Sales Promotion And Publicity
  9. Personified Promotion
  10. Direct Marketing
  11. Public Relations
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